The Indian American

47 THE INDIAN AMERICAN OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2018 Needs No Introduction” and Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” (which lived on Cracklebefore it came to Netflix). As for Minhaj, he has said being on Netflix helped him figure out what topics to tackle. “We’ve designed this show to thrive on Netflix as a plat- form,” he told Uproxx. “Honestly, to me, the medi- um is the message. I under- stand that people who use Netflix as a platform will often dive in at any point in time. Sometimes they dive in with great urgency, like, ‘I need to see that thing right now! It just came out!’ Other times, they’ll revisit things a month later because of how great their friends say it was. Shows, documentaries and things like that. With the way that I tell stories, I want things to always feel urgent and timeless. -The Washington Post Hasan Minhaj new show patriotact on Netflix. Photo: Twitter/ hasanminhaj