The Indian American

old by a teen narrator who happens to be half Indian- American, Scholastic Press’ upcoming novel ‘Damselfly’ by author Chandra Prasad unfolds a story that is both exciting and complex in its telling. It kept me glued to the pages till the end in one sitting, and I’m far from being a a ‘Young Adult’. The stage is set on a seem- ingly uninhabited island, where a plane carrying a group of teen fencers from an elite private school, crashes. The motley group of sur- vivors includes the narrator, Indian-American Samantha Mishra, of “mixed” descent, whose balanced gaze but very human failings are juxta- posed with the “mean girl” Rittika who is an American of purely Indian origin. The group learns to live together but without giving too much away, things soon begin to fall apart. Prasad’s strength lies in breaking stereotypes over and again to keep readers on their Author’s Young-adult Novel Is An Intriguing Tale Of Adventure And Human Follies By Ela Dutt T 39 THE INDIAN AMERICAN APRIL-JUNE 2018 Book jacket of ‘Damselfly’ the new novel by Chandra Prasad, published by Scholastic Press, scheduled for April 2018 release.